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Always-on devices are becoming reality for Internet of Things homes, where the home adapts seamlessly around the family living there. These new enhanced and connected everyday objects such as TVs, refrigerators, smart lighting, heating systems, and many other devices are now using the latest technology to constantly gather data about the world around us.

The bridging of our physical and digital worlds is making our lives better, simpler, and easier. In embracing this shift, Dauphine solutions offers scalable and compatible products needed to create a simple and comfortable smart home.

A smart home is a complex system that requires diverse technology components and advanced software while being easy to use and affordable in terms of consumer costs. Devices must not only connect to one another, and to cloud systems, but also anticipate evolving services and enhanced automation capabilities. Now with the Dauphine solutions's intelligent center, the control of lighting, climate, security, music, and video has become more convenient enabling you to easily operate the smart home from your smartphone, tablet, touchpad, or voice.

Effortlessly listen to your favorite music from any area of the home with a single button press or set the lights and shades to create an ambiance for entertaining in your open concept kitchen and living area. From your mobile device while at home or away you can view surveillance cameras, unlock the door if your child forgets the key, or set the desired temperature. Smart home automation adds convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. It's pretty cool too! Solutions are available for new construction and existing homes.

Easy installation with automatic device discovery is available to all Dauphine solutions customers. No more endless setup prompts while you try to pair your devices. When you power on Dauphine solutions for the first time, it'll automatically search for your existing smart home products, making the install as simple as a few taps. Our intuitive user interface is designed to take your from unboxing to ready-to-go in minutes.

Here at Dauphine solutions, we are working hard to bring the smart home to life. The company creates simple, affordable smart home solutions that simplify your life. With our interactive system and just a few smart devices, you can have fingertip control of everything from lights to appliances, along with your security - and control them from virtually anywhere. See how much more convenient your days can be. By adding Dauphine solutions to your investment portfolio, you will make the right move, and our high-class staff will do everything to make you proud of your choice. Seamless experiences are kind of our thing.

Our Team
Jordan Cunningham
Jordan is the initiator and inspirer of Dauphine solutions. His passion and research in smart home automation and IoT technology gave him a strong background in understanding the market dynamics. Jordan has participated in several projects in the smart home and financial sectors for American and European companies.
Katrina Sandford
Katrina is a technology adoption strategist with a passion for financial services. Highly qualified professional with many years of experience in the relevant industries is able to quickly and efficiently perform any assigned tasks. She has successfully worked with multinational finance and insurance companies for many years.
Joshua Newman
Joshua has a unique blend of technology, business, and management skills with an irrepressible drive to learn the innovative technologies of the Internet of Things and smart home automation. He brings his passion, dedication, and a gentle approach to his work with Dauphine solutions.
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